WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus: why the chat alternative is better [EVERGREEN]

WhatsApp Messenger is the world’s most popular among smartphone users, and long are numerous offshoots and imitations circulating. One of the best known is WhatsApp Plus. What the offshoot from the original is different and whether the migration is worth, showing our comparison.


Update: WhatsApp seems users of WhatsApp Plus apparently to block for 24 hours. From the use of alternative WhatsApp version we recommend therefore. All info here:

The Messenger WhatsApp we have all heard smartphone users, hundreds of millions of accounts is one of the world’s service. But many of our readers have already ventured the transition and swear by the alternative WhatsApp Plus. At first glance, hardly any differences can be seen, but the deeper you dive, the more understandable is the veritable cult WhatsApp Plus.

Send music

In chat window shows the next difference when it comes to send attachments: Both Messenger, images, videos, audio recordings, locations and contacts Email, WhatsApp Plus also offers its users but the delivery of music tracks on.

Emoticons and emoji

WhatsApp is certainly not lacking in emoticons, but with WhatsApp Plus get a whole series of further thereto, including the Emojis Hangouts. In the second tab with the flower symbol some additional emoticons can be found, in the fourth Tab by car icon the Hangouts Emojis listed. All these additional Emoticons are but visible to other WhatsApp Plus users.

Themes, colors, icons

The biggest difference to the normal WhatsApp make but from the powerful possibilities for optical interface customization. About a white balloons icon with four colored bars, the plus icon, you get into a very extensive submenu with FAQs, language settings or the option to delete unimportant files (logs, cache, old chat backups, etc.).

But the main constituent of this menu are the themes that you can download from a huge store. The themes were created by other WhatsApp Plus users and change the look of the app may fundamentally.

Who does not want to go so far as to download a new theme, you can still screw it to the appearance of his latest themes. Almost every element can be either shown or hidden, buttons, labels and backgrounds can be changed in color, 11 alternatives are solely responsible for the Launcher icon available.


WhatsApp gets her regularly on the Google Play Store, WhatsApp Plus for a small detour is necessary. In order for the app to work, you must only have WhatsApp installed and used. It is enough to send one or two chat messages back and forth. Then you uninstalled WhatsApp and invite instead WhatsApp Plus down. The “official” page is currently unavailable, but with a bit of Search is a download quickly found.

Ensures before installing the APK that your in the settings menu under the point Security at Unknown sources have put a check mark so that you can also install non-Market apps. The registration and verification process is then the same as for regular WhatsApp.