How To Get unlimited Fifa 16 Coins & Points

FIFA-16-how to get unlimited fifa coins

In FIFA 16 , FUT requires different factors if you want to get the best team of all. This guide will teach you how to Get Unlimited Fifa 16 coins.


While in RPGs is the most important decision your appearance or ability, here in FIFA 16 choose the name of your team is important. Once selected, you can not change, so take your time to do it all.

How To Get Unlimited Fifa 16 Coins

After naming your new club, you get the starter pack consisting of 34 cards: 3 silver, 2 gold and bronze rest. Besides the letters of player, you will be given letters of objects such as stadiums, balls, uniforms and more. But please note that letters starter pack may not be changeable.

At this point you do not think that because you have more players you can play all the games you want. Having no coins, you can not renew the contracts of players and all your progress will be in vain.

For currencies, you must turn everything you have at your disposal in money. Sell ​​all the cards you have and rebuild your computer from scratch. Another thing you can do is change your credits for builders of coins on Cataló of EASFC.

You can also buy editions Deluxe, Super Deluxe or subscribe to EA Access for a package of gold every month.


Something you should always be doing is changing constantly in FUT. But be sure not to invest too much because it could put you in a bad situation. The basic rule is to buy low and sell high.

If you find players like Ronaldo or Messi cheaply and have the ability to buy, do it. But do not sell right away, wait for the price rise.

Before moving, make sure you have 25,000 coins. And remember that no matter how rich you are, always keep buying and selling.


By getting a good amount of coins, you should invest in managers. These are high-priced consumables cards you should have in order to play the games. Each director adds 1% gold in the game for all contracts. Some rare golden letters give 3%.

You must hire managers so that the total sum of your percentage is 50% or greater. This way you’ll make sure your computer is stable for a long period of time.

Obtaining Contracts

You must buy cards of contracts as soon as possible. If you have letters of contracts, you will be able to place in the reserve players because of injury or other status. However, if you do not have letters of agreement, you must use letters or training injury.

Last step

Now with all this in order, the last step is to build your team Based on the chemical. You will join players who are of the same nationality or the same club. Also you keep in mind that players use to suit your style and your game system.

These 5 apps accelerate your mobile Internet!


What brings me a smartphone, when the Internet is slow, it is not at my data contract but? I renounce so on online games, streaming video, can not download data or even write my friends via WhatsApp or Telegram. It’s time that you can have fun with the Android smartphone again!That is why we now show you some applications that accelerate Internet speed and improve the signal strength of your smartphone.

To accomplish this, you have to download yourself some free apps from the Google Play Store and take a few steps after installation. Snap up your smartphone and get ready to integrate Turbo in your Internet connection.

Before you look at our app list, you have to remember that a weak Internet connection, various factors may underlie, whether software or hardware elements. This may also affect the signal strength of the device.

So make sure your device has a good signal strength. The information can be found in the settings under About phone> Status> signal strength (tested on Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, with other devices, the settings may be called) It is important to know that there are of course also arrives on the mobile operator and the existing network. So, you should use a good provider.

But now to the point: Here are some apps that will help you to bring the smartphone and mobile Internet connection back up to speed.

Increase speed of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G: 1. Internet Speedmaster

With Internet Speed ​​Master is an app that adapts the TCP / IP settings on the smartphone. The app screwed it to the system files and can in this way increase the connection speed of the Internet connection. The app is especially for Android users with gerootetem device an advantage, but also devices without root are compatible with the app – albeit with some restrictions.

Installs your app on your android app asks whether it is allowed to gain root privileges. Now click on Apply Patch and waits for a few seconds. During this time, the app operates at the corresponding operating system files, in order to improve the speed of the device.

Does the used device does not have root privileges, the Patch button is disabled and you must resort to copying, to improve Internet connection to click. The app is no indication whether the operation has completed. But when you press the action button, you’ll see a message that informs you about the optimization.

2. Open Signal: The mobile operator plays an important role

With Open signal you will receive an overview including Internet speed, network coverage of the mobile operator as well as the origin of the signal, ie, where the regional transmission towers standing. This app also allows the speed of the connection test. And it to provide details of which providers in the region offers the fastest Internet connection. The app is available free of charge and free of annoying advertising.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can write to  test  button and after a few seconds you will receive an instant online waiting time Result of your existing Internet connection. Directly below the upload and download speeds and latency you see also a star rating, the purposes for which the compound is useful function. The following headings are: VOIP, Web, video.

When it comes to the Internet connection of the mobile device, open signal can play an important role. It’s just convenient to see which provider in what place has the best coverage. It is not even a question of what kind of Internet connection is used: 2G, 3G, 4G / LTE, or all together. In addition, the app offers a map that displays both all nearby free Wi-Fi hotspots as well as the hotspots with the strongest reception. The only downside of the app is the power consumption, which can be increased with the use of the app. So you should always keep in mind and use a power saving mode, if your app uses your battery level.

3. Internet Speed ​​Booster Free: The Turbo for your Internet connection

With Internet Speed ​​Booster you can speed up Free by 40 to 80 percent of the speed of your Internet androids. The optimization may vary depending on the device. After installing your simply clicks on Start Boost. The app will begin to clean up the DNS cache to improve the latency to block background activities and to optimize the parameters for the connection speed.

The app is very easy to use and it requires no root privileges to use. Here you can the app for free from you Google Play Store Download.

4. Connection Stabilizer Booster: Internet connection stabilize

If your data connection does not remain constant and temporarily shut down by itself, the Connection Stabilizer Booster is perhaps the rescue. This app helps to preserve the active traffic upright and to strengthen the link with some app options. The Connection Stabilizer Booster takes your network is 2G, 3G or 4G in custody there and makes the connection again when she was cut.

Above left, the function is  active reconnection  displayed. This feature keeps the connection between phone and server IPS upright and also optimizes the parameters for the TCP / IP connection, resulting in a faster and more stable connection. Note: This feature can only be used with root privileges. Right next to the function is  active maintenance listed. Thus, the connection is restored to the network when the connection was lost.

5. Speed ​​Test: Full control of the connection speed

We have shown you how you can increase the Internet speed and stabilize the connection. But if there is still doubt, you should try the Speed ​​Test again.

The app shows you in less than 30 seconds, the actual speed of your Internet Device to, including clearer graphics. The app should use your prior to use of the aforementioned apps and then again when the apps are active. So you can watch obtaining a clear picture of how well the other apps optimize your smartphone.

Please consider that the result of some test apps from the server depends on the You are connected. So you should definitely not rely on a single result, but test several times. Even better are speed tests at night, since then the volume of network traffic according to experience ebbs slightly.

Does your other apps to increase the Internet speed? Write us in the comments!



WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus: why the chat alternative is better [EVERGREEN]

WhatsApp Messenger is the world’s most popular among smartphone users, and long are numerous offshoots and imitations circulating. One of the best known is WhatsApp Plus. What the offshoot from the original is different and whether the migration is worth, showing our comparison.


Update: WhatsApp seems users of WhatsApp Plus apparently to block for 24 hours. From the use of alternative WhatsApp version we recommend therefore. All info here:

The Messenger WhatsApp we have all heard smartphone users, hundreds of millions of accounts is one of the world’s service. But many of our readers have already ventured the transition and swear by the alternative WhatsApp Plus. At first glance, hardly any differences can be seen, but the deeper you dive, the more understandable is the veritable cult WhatsApp Plus.

Send music

In chat window shows the next difference when it comes to send attachments: Both Messenger, images, videos, audio recordings, locations and contacts Email, WhatsApp Plus also offers its users but the delivery of music tracks on.

Emoticons and emoji

WhatsApp is certainly not lacking in emoticons, but with WhatsApp Plus get a whole series of further thereto, including the Emojis Hangouts. In the second tab with the flower symbol some additional emoticons can be found, in the fourth Tab by car icon the Hangouts Emojis listed. All these additional Emoticons are but visible to other WhatsApp Plus users.

Themes, colors, icons

The biggest difference to the normal WhatsApp make but from the powerful possibilities for optical interface customization. About a white balloons icon with four colored bars, the plus icon, you get into a very extensive submenu with FAQs, language settings or the option to delete unimportant files (logs, cache, old chat backups, etc.).

But the main constituent of this menu are the themes that you can download from a huge store. The themes were created by other WhatsApp Plus users and change the look of the app may fundamentally.

Who does not want to go so far as to download a new theme, you can still screw it to the appearance of his latest themes. Almost every element can be either shown or hidden, buttons, labels and backgrounds can be changed in color, 11 alternatives are solely responsible for the Launcher icon available.


WhatsApp gets her regularly on the Google Play Store, WhatsApp Plus for a small detour is necessary. In order for the app to work, you must only have WhatsApp installed and used. It is enough to send one or two chat messages back and forth. Then you uninstalled WhatsApp and invite instead WhatsApp Plus down. The “official” page is currently unavailable, but with a bit of Search is a download quickly found.

Ensures before installing the APK that your in the settings menu under the point Security at Unknown sources have put a check mark so that you can also install non-Market apps. The registration and verification process is then the same as for regular WhatsApp.

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