10 tips to save money to travel

10 tips to save money to travel

One of the questions most asked is: How do you get to travel ?, to which I always answer: Saving. I save a lot of money to travel

I’m not a millionaire, nor my parents pay me my travels, indeed, work from age 19, I do not have “super job” in which I earn thousands of dollars. All I do is save; It is one of my best strategies, my goal is to accumulate experiences, not objects.


If your dream is to travel, today I’ll give you all the tips that I use to save money and cut costs.

1. Make a chart with all your expenses:

I’ve always heard the phrase “just do not know what I was going money” well, it’s time to take a picture and see where your money fly. I have a template in Excel and monthly management, in it I put all my expenses. You must place all monthly expenses you have, for example, rental expenses, transportation expenses, insurance, mobile, internet, outings, clothes, lower expenses, etc. must not forget anything, be very careful with this picture. This will identify how much you spend and where the money will be monthly and so next month will begin to cut or eliminate these extra costs to start saving and traveling. I give an example: A friend always told me that he knew what he spent so much and when I gave the example of my monthly table, she noticed that he took every day a cafe near his office. Coffee per day, spending an amount that day did not sound like much money, but he added monthly were about 200 soles ($ 60) a month.

2. Services

Check out all the services you pay for and be realistic with what you wear. For example, I feel I have internet at home is the only service that is really necessary, because thanks to it you can watch movies, check news daily, because let’s face it, we have cable television but never have time to watch TV during the week and weekend ended up seeing purchased movies, using the famous Netflix or watching movies online, so spending the cable is like throwing money away. On the other hand, to have internet you can stop wasting your modem line since being connected do not have to use the 3G, it also will help you have a line of lower mobile, because they no longer need so many minutes of calls even when we now call the whatsapp be fully free or chat communications, so just having internet, you can delete an entire service (the cable TV) and the other can be reduced to a minimum.

3. Food

Cook until recently was to me an overly difficult task, always ended up burning everything; Now I live in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in the world can not give me the luxury of eating on the street. Cooking at home, I can say that as quite well, saving a lot of money and the best, as healthy. I know many say there is no time to cook and that is impossible with the pace that we, be preparing our food daily. Make a list of what to eat for the week, go shopping on Sunday and nightly prepare your lunch with a simple recipe for the next day. You’ll see your list of expenses will deflate to stop eating on the street.


4. Avoid buying

Your objective is to travel not fill clothes and unnecessary objects. Buy only what you need. The materialistic world is moving and changing fashion us every season and we fall like flies on their networks, so always ask yourself do you really need it? You will see that you will stop buying unnecessary clothing, change phones every year because it came the last model. Stop impulse buying and spending on things that are not necessary. For example, I have an iPhone 4 that I bought at an auction and not I think change phones; use the same coat since 2012 and is already with me three years, continues abrigándome phenomenally and I do not mind not having the coat fashion, entertains me, it does the job and go! As I said, I do not collect objects, I collect moments.

5. Get rid of things you do not need

In this world of impulse buying we finished accumulating unnecessary objects. Do not throw it all away, sell it! This can also help the environment and other people. Often end up bouncing a TV that no longer works, an old cell phone or a computer that was in disuse, not the boats, nor keep as a souvenir, do not get too attached to material things, takes these objects and sell them online.

6. Say goodbye to the whims and vices

Whims and vices are equally harmful, they make you ill health and make you spend money unnecessarily. Drink water and avoid soda. A tip: buy a reusable bottle and fill it always, always stop buying bottles also that you will help avoid contamination, you’ll save a lot of money and your health will improve. Forget the cigar, you have better health and your expenses will go down incredibly well.

7. Trips and holidays

You have a goal: Traveling! Do not lose sight. A night out will cost a lot of money, between meals, drinks, taxis, tickets to the party or nightclub, will leave a hole in your pocket. This does not tell you that you become antisocial, but outputs change your home meetings. You can create different thematic meetings, each friend of yours can bring something, organizes games, a night of talks, another movie, plus you’ll have fun in a different way, you can save all these expenses to use on your next trip!


8. Spend your money wisely

Make your expenses are not productive and unnecessary. For example, if you want to keep fit, avoid going to gyms and starts running in the park or follow exercise routines at home. I love to run and have to exercise, do yoga (at home), and was swimming. That if I was generating an expense but it was much cheaper than paying a gym that made me feel trapped in a small space, running in the same place.

If you live in an apartment, not only alive, it is convenient but expensive, always get someone to share the costs, can be a friend or relative, there is always someone looking for a place to live.

Get up early to go to work in mass transit, whether micro or train, do not spend unnecessarily on taxi! It is another way to avoid unnecessary expenses. Even better, if you avoid the mobilities or auto expenses, and go to your work by bicycle, it is really great. I have friends who do that, and also to exercise, save a lot of money. All up to you.

9. Avoid credits and loans

If there is something I’ve always stuck in my head, not spend more money than I have. The debt is a terror, eat interests you and you become a slave of payments. If you have bonuses or extra payments, eliminating your debts, you will hurt your pocket the day you pay but will forget those continuous headaches every time you pay.

10. Board coins

Using a piglet or a piggy bank may sound like child’s play but you will be surprised all the money they can get collecting coins that often forget in your pocket. Every year I go collecting coins in an owl that was given me, when filled, still collecting coins in a wooden box. Currency currency, I have come to gather about 300 suns per year, it is likely that if not put them in those piggy banks lost them. These 300 soles or just over $ 100, help me eat for 3 weeks on a trip. It serves? Sure it served!

Use these 10 tips to save money to go on a trip, you will see that your dream can realize very soon. Later I’ll let an article on how to save money traveling.